Meet Us

Multitalented, multifaceted, multitasking natrelites muse on the essence of natrel.

David Nakamura

“It’s about independence—it keeps us agile and flexible with no limits on what we can accomplish for our clients.”

Nicole Hyland
General Manager

“It’s about curiosity—which is at the heart of everything we do. We live curiosity by turning ideas into action.”

Tamra Micco
Executive Director, Client Services

“It’s about focus—we attack a marketing challenge from every angle, giving customers more than they asked for…never settling for good enough.”

Sean Conciatore
EVP, Creative Director

“It’s about courage—being fearless in exploration and flawless in execution. Turning ‘can’t’ into ‘what if?’ We challenge ourselves and our clients to see how far ideas can take us.”

Amy Tracey
EVP, Director of Finance and HR

“It’s about collaboration—keeping us productive and efficient while maintaining the quality of our work. Through consistent communication and an open environment, we ensure that silos never have a place here.”

Don Nelinson
SVP, Medical and Scientific Strategy

“It’s about grounding—a solid foundation in strategy, science, and market research stands behind everything we accomplish for our clients.”

Dave Scott
SVP, Creative Director, Art

“It’s about imagination—if we feel boxed in creatively, we just design a different box. As Mr. Einstein put it, ‘creativity is intelligence having fun.’”

Bill Kwiatkowski
SVP, Director of Strategy

“It’s about meaning—building brands with authentic meaning creates true bilateral engagement. We actively nurture brands, ensuring that their meaning remains hyper-relevant and provides an enduring value to the physicians and patients they serve.”